Kenpo Karate

Kenpo Karate / Sport Karate

Okinawa is the birthplace of Karate and this is where the style of Kenpo Karate begins. “Kenpo” is the Okinawan word for the Chinese term “Quanfa” which both mean “Fist Method”. The people of Okinawa learned fighting methods from the Kung Fu masters of nearby China and then adapted them for their own needs. Once mainland Japan caught on to what had been developing on the island of Okinawa, martial arts masters were brought in to teach their fighting systems. In Japan the Okinawan word “Kenpo” was replaced with the Japanese word “Karate” which means “Empty Hand”, but not before it made it’s way to the island of Hawaii. Given that Hawaii at the time was a hotbed for immigration from Asia, Kenpo went through a process of blending with other fighting systems. It is during this period that the moniker of “Kenpo Karate” was designated to the art.

The Foley family history in Kenpo Karate spans over four decades and three generations of training, teaching and competing all over the world. Our Kenpo Karate program for adults is a structured system that teaches stances, blocks, kicking and punching techniques and provides physical fitness, flexibility and, if you wish, competition.

We stay current and on the cutting edge of modern developments in the sport side of Karate while staying rooted in the traditional aspects of Kenpo Karate. Our academy members have enjoyed a tremendous competitive history that has brought us around the globe.

Our lineage is Masayoshi ‘James’ Mitose > William Kwai Sun Chow > Adriano Emperado > Victor ‘Sonny’ Gascon > Simeone George Pesare > Jean-Guy Angell > Mike Foley Sr. > Michael Foley.