Kenpo Karate is a martial art form that is strongly rooted in traditional Ryukyu Kempo, Chinese Ch'uan Fa and Japanese Jujitsu. When Kenpo reached the west coast of the mainland United States in the 1950's it spread quickly from California to the American east coast and then up to Canada by the 1960's. Mike Foley Sr. studied in Montreal Quebec, Canada in the 1970's and in turn, taught it to his sons.

Our Kenpo karate program for adults is a structured system of self defense, physical fitness and, if you wish, competition. If your goal is to gain the knowledge to defend yourself and get in shape, then this is the class for you.  Our Kenpo program is structured around five belts for the adults - white, yellow, green, brown and black. Learning this art is a lifestyle. You gain self awarness and knowledge of your own body's capacity for movement. Once you train in Kenpo, you will be more flexible, physically stronger, more confident and centred.


James Masayoshi Mitose > William Kwai Sun Chow > Adriano D. Emperado > Victor Gascon > George Pesare > Jean Guy Angell > Mike Foley Sr. > Michael Foley