Stacey says:

January 17, 2011 at 4:43 pm

I have been going to kickboxing classes at Michael Foley’s Academy of Martial Arts for 3 years. I find classes fun and rewarding, and the schedule is convenient as well. MFAMA has a supportive and friendly atmosphere, and Mike, Erin and the rest of the staff are knowledgeable and helpful. I would definitely recommend going to MFAMA to challenge yourself, to improve your fitness level, and for stress relief!


Albert Turner says:

Excellent gym, great people, awesome in technical training for people who compete and great way for people who do not to get in great shape. Fun times. Well done Mike and Erin!!!!


Josh says:

Unfortunately due to school I am no longer able to attend classes but when I did they were a wonderful and beneficial experience. Being paired with someone in your group helps you get to know your fellow gym members and allows you a hands on learning experience

The coaching staff is wonderful and are very willing to help out those of us who were/are new to combat sports by showing them tricks and giving tips.

The fitness aspect of the gym is fast paced and if you pair it with proper eating habits you will see great results.

This gym is a great place for those of you who are seeking to learn new techniques amongst friends.


Peter says:

I’ve been training with MFAMA for close to 3 years now primarily in kickboxing and have had a great time and highly recommend the club. Mike and Erin are very helpful and always very quick to answer any questions. It’s a fun atmosphere that’s very welcoming and supportive whether you want to train for fitness, to compete, or both, there’s never any pressure to compete but the opportunity is there for people that want it. You’ll work hard and sweat and be sore, but that’s the point. Mike’s years of experience as a fighter are a great resource for anyone looking to compete, and there are currently some top ranked fighters in Canada training at the club so the chance to train and spar with them is a great learning opportunity in itself. I’ve only dabbled in the jui-jitsu aspect of the club but from what I’ve seen it’s very well planned and they consistently have workshops with top level professors like Pedro Sauer. Definitely recommend the club to anyone thinking of joining.


Jon says:

For the last year and half I have attended Michael Foley’s Academy of Martial Arts, starting with Muay Thai and quickly picking up Kick Boxing and Jiu Jitsu. These classes are great for exercise and simply having fun with new people! Mike and Erin do an amazing job, and are extremely easy to talk too. Mike’s knowledge in the martial arts offered is incredible and is shown through the gym’s members and their accomplishments. Recommending this gym is a no-brainer, it offers something for everyone, whether you’re interested in competition or simply out to maintain/improve your fitness level!


Georges says:

Been attending kickboxing and some bjj for over a year and a half now. Wouldn’t change a thing, have made a lot of good friends here and can’t think of anybody that can’t get along with someone else.

You work with any of the experienced members and they’re always happy to help you out. You learn almost as much from Mike’s experienced guys as you do from Mike, and that’s a lot.

Oh yeah, and lots of opportunites for fights if you want to be competitive. #1 team on the island!


Scott Yetman says:

I trained under Sensai Mike Foley Sr., and with his sons, for almost 11 years. I earned my 3rd Dan in Kenpo during my time there, and watched for years afterward as they grew into the full-fledged Academy that they are now. I cannot give enough recommendation for the hard work, dedication, and passion that this company gives to its students in instilling in them the values of fitness, self-defense, and self-improvement.


Steve says:

Simply fantastic. The staff are fun, knowledgeable and will push you. I’ve tried a number of clubs in the area and the Foley’s are the best hands down. The availability of class times and different styles mean that there is something for everyone and you’ll never get bored. Five Stars.


Derek Organ says:

Will it’s nice for you to know that Daniel Organ really enjoys your class he has came along way since he started , he enjoys your teaching and hope to be a champ like you , again thanks so much for having Daniel .


Caroline says:

I attended ladies only kickboxing at Michael Foley’s Academy of Martial Arts for ten months last year and it was a sad day when I had to move away. I’m still trying to find a location that provides the same great quality instruction and the same supportive atmosphere. The classes are so enjoyable and fun, but always an excellent workout. The coaches are knowledgeable and experienced and will always help you achieve your best. I would recommend this gym to anyone looking to compete, get in shape, or just have fun. Mike and Erin are the best!


Julia says:

I can’t say enough good about Michael Foley’s Academy. I went there for two years before I moved away from St. John’s and have been searching for its equal ever since. As a woman, it is challenging to find a kickboxing gym that is non-intimidating, has classes designed for women, and yet still maintains all the technical training, but Mike manages all three, and makes it fun besides. Take advantage of this fantastic gym!


Bradley Stone says:

I cannot say enough good things about Mike and Erin, and the guys and girls who train at Foley’s Academy of Martial Arts. The coaching is excellent, the workouts are great and the knowledge is abundant. Mike is a great coach and will go the extra mile to make sure his students get the proper training and is very encouraging of guys who want to compete. Not only do we kick butt at kicking butt, but we are the most attractive group of martial artists on the go, eh b’ys?

Keep up the good work, guys! I will never train at another club as long as I am in St. John’s.


Adam says:

Mikes gym is an amazing place for learning and support both competitively and recreationally. Mikes life time of martial arts, traing and competing in other contries, being trained by a professional kick boxing title holder, and general love for combat sports makes him one of the best instructors you’ll find. I have trained for many years to get my kenpo black belt and I switched over to kick boxing 4 years ago, I am curently fighting on the clubs competitive team. I continue to learn from mikes teaching as well as everyone in the club. The advanced fighters are a wealth of information and the new fighters are eager to learn. The club is great and the training is top notch, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.